Do I cite a book or paper if I've read something then drawn my own conclusion of what Watch

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Hi all,

I’m not sure if I am asking this question in the right place but I just need a quick answer to a simple question. I have done my googleing but still can’t seem to find a clear answer. Can you help?

The question:

Do I cite a book or paper if I've read something then drawn my own conclusion of what the author is trying to say?

I'm not talking about paraphrasing, or maybe I am?

I mean, when you read an idea or concept and then form your own analogies about what the author is saying and you put it into your own words etc.
Do I need to show how I came up with this idea or what material led me to this realisation?

Also the information is not new information if this is relevant?

I’ve never really had to do any real citing before and I thought I was comfortable with it until about ten minutes ago, when I realised that I just cross-referenced 5 books/articles explaining the same topic and then came to my own conclusion and thought, well how do I show that I have read these books etc and draw my own conclusion?

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If in doubt, stick it in the bibliography. If there's nothing PARTICULAR to cite (i.e. an idea or quote) then you don't need to cite it, but you should add it to your biblio at the end.

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