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hello! I am a 19 year old student currently studying an art foundation diploma in Manchester.

Being the first member of my family to want to move towards higher education, I am very uneducated in the ways of university. I was wondering if there are any students who have perhaps already finished their applications and have an idea of what they want to do at university who wouldn't mind answering some questions I have on the subject.

Firstly my A-Level results are as follows:
English Language - B
History - B
Graphic Design - A
General Studies - C

I have decided that I want to study English at university, in particular English language or literature, however I have noticed, and i know how obvious this sounds, but because I didn't take literature at A-level my A-level is not listed within the entry requirements, university courses that i am looking at list "English literature" or "English literature & Language" as a valid entry requirement, does this mean my English language A-level is not relevant for these courses?

furthermore, can I apply for a university such as Manchester, even if i do not meet the entry requirements? I have an overwhelming urge for wanting to study English and i worry that because Manchester is looking for "AAB" this makes my "ABB" redundant as well? would i be considered? or would there be any chance of a place at a university such as this?

one last thing, is it okay for me to be looking at studying literature and/or language at degree level, should i be focusing on one or the other? and gearing my personal statement towards one of these areas, or will my statement be okay if i balance between the two?

any advice, suggestions, or help would be much appreciated

Thanks guys x

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