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    I'm a 4th year chemistry student about to start applying for technical jobs (BP, Rolls Royce etc..). I have a pretty good academic record (1st) and my C.V is pretty good (Lots of voluntary work etc.) however there is one thing i am worried will undo all my hard work and it's the fact that I don't have an internship. Everyone who I know who is successful (which granted isn't that many people) has an internship and I'm getting really caught up on this fact.

    A couple friends even told me to fabricate one on my C.V as according to them it's a common practice and hardly anyone gets caught. I even considered it for a while but I really don't want to do this as I hate lying but at the same time I really don't want to end up jobless (or not get that jobs that i aspire to) even though i have a good degree and consider myself a relatively hard working and smart person.

    I guess I just want to get people's opinions on anything I can do to help me overcome this lack of formal internship or if it is really is as crucial as to get employed as I think it is.


    Work experience helps but isn't mandatory.

    I know at my company (similar to the ones you've mentioned) if they find you've fabricated any part of your CV it's a potentially fraudulent offense that can mean your employment is terminated without notice if they find out - not worth the risk in my view, as this could happen at any point in the future, even 10 years down the line, and companies can and will seek employment references and or credit/employment checks to check for this - there is a much higher chance of being found out than you might think - e.g. http://www.experian.co.uk/background...screening.html - a simple paid for service which companies are very likely to use. Same with qualifications etc.

    My advice to people in your position is this - apply early, tailor your applications, and keep applying until you get something. It can be a really thankless task but don't forget that most companies have 50 applications per place. Even the firms crying out for more people (e.g. engineering) will still get 10 applications per place. It is harder to get work without experience, but in engineering and sciences you have a better chance than most due to your degree. December is leaving it late - no offense, but I know our Graduate Program opened for applications in August and is 85% full now for September 2014. Different companies will have different timescales, but processing applications takes time and they will do it as they come, they don't wait for everyone to apply by the closing date and then sift through everyone.

    Plenty more information on here about writing applications - persevere with it, and you'll find something. Get your profiles on Linkedin, the Jobsite and Monster up to date and you'll probably start having recruiters call you. Gradcracker is another good one.

    And just remember that the application you craft may be worth £20,000+ a year for your time - so put a little effort into it.

    Best of luck.
    Stu Haynes MEng
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    Thanks Stu. Your advice is very appreciated.

    Yeah. Well I've been applying and strangely I now feel a lot more confident now that I've been going through the process of putting applications together. If I can get to the assessment sessions/interviews i think i have a decent chance as I've been preparing for those like crazy, and will do a lot more over Christmas. I just hope i don't choke at the vital moment. Yeah i have been taking my time with each application. Only problem is it's taking time out of studying now! heh. Well thanks a lot for the advice mate. Will keep it under consideration.

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