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Body image and society watch

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    I don't watch 'I'm a Celebrity' but I just happened upon this article on the guardian website. I think there needs to be a discussion about body image and the media. I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

    'Rebecca Adlington's body image anxiety' (link to theguardian.com)

    It's such a shame that a woman who has achieved so much has so little self-confidence. Her body is amazing because of what she can do to it and she should feel as such. I feel this is a huge and very common problem in the media. With both genders, though I will talk about women, we focus on their body rather than achievements. Just look at Kate Middleton. Say what you like about the Monarchy, she is in a very important role, yet all anyone can comment on, is how quickly she's losing the baby weight, or how amazing her sisters bum is! Look at the vile comments Lady Gaga got when she put on a bit of weight - what did she get up to... a size 14, 16 maybe? Yet she was absolutely ripped apart by the media.
    It's no wonder women and more worryingly, young girls are so terrified of looking anything other than 'perfect'. We are constantly bombarded with how we should look, what we should eat, how quickly our bodies should 'snap back'.

    Men rule the world and we like pretty girls . Cant do anything about it, you just gotta be strong,look after yourself as best as you can and dont listen to the haters .

    If people just had the self-worth to extract themselves from the cesspool that is the I'm A Celebrity televisual culture then we wouldn't have to deal with problems like this. Adlington only went for the t-shirt because she was measuring herself against an obviously skewed social perception of archetypal physique, one that both fuels and is fuelled by these programs.

    I hate it when people say beauty contests shouldn't exist, or that they don't agree with them morally. As long as the women involved are making their own decision to be part of it, that's fine.

    It's like saying "oh well I don't think Mastermind should exist because that's not fair on people who aren't naturally clever!"

    If you are clever, enter a contest that requires you to use your brain.

    If you are athletic, enter a tournament for the sport of your choice.

    If you have beauty, enter a beauty contest.

    It's STUPID to say "oh I don't agree with this because not everybody can be beautiful" because to be fair, there aren't many who could run 100m in less than 10 seconds but that doesn't mean they're campaigning to ban it because it's an unrealistic ideal.

    Of course, people need to remember that there is more to life than beauty. But there is also more to life than personality. Nobody is one dimensional. Nobody.

    The majority of people who enter beauty contests wouldn't dream of saying "oh well you're not beautiful, I'm better than you". They GET that it's what they choose to do, but not what others choose to. You could say that looking to anyone who is better at something than you could dent your self confidence, but what should everybody do? Sit inside all day and never achieve anything?

    Do what you like, as long as you don't look down on people for not doing the same thing.

    EDIT: Although I do think the people who made the comments about Rebecca's appearance are pathetic. Because her career has nothing to do with image, therefore it's not relevant. The media do have a lot to answer for.

    what does her body look like? i couldn't get past the face.
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