Race relations: Britain is a civilized state. The grass is not always greener. Watch

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I get annoyed with people who complain so much about racism, but at the same time I also find it to be positive in a sense. People who have never stepped out of Britain do not know how different other countries are in terms of racism. Here, it is right accepted as being wrong and people reason with the racists to show that their opinions are illogical. Whereas, in a lot of countries in Europe and abroad you get very mindless racism, and sinister racism at that. In the UK, we may have the odd racial slur now and again, but there is a real lack of sinister racism.

I am half German and half Chinese (Hong Kong) and so naturally I grew up with the odd taunt because there are racists everywhere when you are a kid. But, when people go abroad and see what real racism is like I think they will find that the UK is actually a very advanced place and so Brits have a reason to feel good about that.

I want to write more and start some form of debate. If you disagree then explain your reasoning but yeah, I will add more later.

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