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Hello I'm EU national and I'm working part time and studying full time . If been emailing sfe EU team because I wanted to apply for help with my living costs.
The first time they ask me for my work contract and my wage slips .also I had to confirm that was in the uk on the first day of my academic year. But after this I never had a concrete answer if I will be able to get help or not .
This week I got this email from the eu team :
"We can therefore accept you as a Migrant Worker for the third and finalterm of the 2012/13 academic year. We have cancelled and deleted your EU
application and your account has been transferred to be accepted as a
Migrant Worker.

We will then process your 2012/13 application on a non means tested basis.
in order for us to means test your 2012/13 application we will require a
PFF from your mother and a copy of her 2011 financial evidence.

In order to assess you as a continuing Migrant Worker for the 2013/14
academic year we will require a 2013/14 PR1 form with a copy of your 12/13
P60 if applicable and your last 3 months payslips.

If you wish to apply for EU support we will require an EU13N to be
completed and returned to us"
i want to ask if My application is going to be based on my income and my mother?
How many hours / income a migrant worker need to have/do to qualify for help in form is manteinance loan?
What happened to the information to the aplication that I had Before , since it was said that my aplication was deleted? What about my tuition fee?
Also some of the forms that is being asked now I also sent that before? All this means I'm doing everything from the begging?
last question what qualify for the migrant worker status?( number of hours , income, etc)
What u guys looking for to be approved for a migrant worker ?
I really need to have this help , this why im asking this .

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