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    Heartlands Academy , Why do you hate me?I sense this mutual hate from some specific teachers , it is hard to describe it feels as though you are living on the edge of something really indescribable 'Push me off' it would be understandable however just living on the edge makes my body ache with frustration. When I get frustrated my muscles itch, I want to break something , I want it to hurt. This though is futile. What could get I possibly gain from feeling immense pain , what utter satisfaction does it bring.None. Anger , I rarely feel this dangerous emotion , why is it such a perilous feeling? You might wonder , anger influences all other emotions triggering you to lose control and do things that would never occur to you. Fear , Sadness , joy , disgust , trust, anticipation and Surprise,are all heightened to an extend. This makes is impossible for me to be truly me, when feeling when in the state of anger. Getting back on the subject of Heartlands, I would describe the school as 'severely corrupted' Many of the teachers , staff fell that they have influence on a childs life as though it were up to them if the child succeeds or fails , well not to say that they do not have an extend of influence in the education of a child however I have to stress the point that it is ultimately upon the student as an independent individual whether they prevail or Fail. In addition to this I have to also mention within context of the teacher,student relationship, That God has each gifted as with a soul , us humans have the right to think what we believe is right not under the fear of persecution , and to act with liberty, to speak freely about our thoughts and ideas to those with interest. However somehow Heartlands Academy does not respect those rights. I feel students are not given the right to prosper in their believes , the student is the slave while the teacher is the master , students cannot disobey teachers in opinions and thoughts which I believe is robbing the students from the 'freedom of speech'. ,Islam one of the worlds largest religions with 2 billion followers around the globe , One of the main basis of belief that a muslim is obliged to pray five times a day , getting on to the point muslims believe that the most important day of the week is Friday , as in Christianity it is Sunday and Judaism Saturday ; In Islam the Friday prayer is observed subsequent to the Friday sermon. I as a muslim want to be able to express my faith in school freely or wherever I am , however even overshadowing that more than 80% of Heartlands Academy are muslims I am not permitted to pray even the Friday Prayer at school in absolute freedom. Firstly all the toilets are locked on a Friday (this according to the school is a 'safety measure') which makes it impossible to perform 'wudu' , Secondly on Fridays the school somehow finds it permissible to stop serving food to those who have prayed , the muslims, this may seem absurd in today's society but this is a clear fact muslim students who pray on Friday do not eat but rather hunger for the remainder of the school day affecting there education no doubt. I find it really hard to continue through the extensive anger I feel towards the school. On the Contrary as muslim students or us as students as really the whole school feels an injustice of equality do not easily accept these dire conditions we are forced to endure again and again however still we strive towards a more peaceful Heartlands for those students who are to step inside the school. Which is why I have aspired to write this report.
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