Anyone read the Max Remy book series? Watch

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I found first 6 of the books in my high school library, someone donated them and I was lucky enough to read all of them before they got ripped to shreds by non book lovers.

It was funny, I was never really interested in action stories, but for some reason that day I wanted to read something other than my usual fluff romance or horror ghost stories...

I borrowed and read the 2nd book first, then only realized it was a series... (but seriously they NEED to redesign the covers to show which its 1st or 2nd) If I hadn't notice the super tiny sentence at the back of the book I would have never known which comes 1st.

I googled and there are 4 more books left, which I couldn't find... plan to order them online soon...

So I was wondering any of you book lovers out there read this series before? Its a wonderful fun series.

And before you say anything I know its a children's book... so sue me for loving it.

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