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I seem to be pretty much on budget for uni, however I do need to save up for a trip in the 3rd year. After rent I have £60 a week, which does have to pay for bills. I have plenty of food in, my society has no social event in the next 7 days, I don't need to get the public bus, no bills are due. So anything I buy will be stuff I want, not need, such as biscuits. Has anyone else tried this, weather it's to get back on budget or try and save up ?? How tempting do you think it will be ? When I go shopping I do get some biscuits and snacky things, but I am trying to lose weight and when I do buy them, it's usually only 1 pack. I'll have to carry some money with me (I have cash) incase of some kind of emergency, but I do have some selfcontrol if I go into a shop with someone else.

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