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Hey everyone, I'm new on here and I just have a question I'm confused about..
I am in year 11 and my current school has a sixth form college and there are two other colleges in the area. I know it's probably on a thread somewhere else but I'm new on here and struggling to work out the website
Anyway, I've been told by a friends mum that I can apply to as many colleges as I want to and accept a place for all of them if I wanted to, and then choose which one to enrol at on results day? Is that right? I was just under the impression from colleges that I would have to confirm around the end of February for which college I was definitely going to. Sorry I'm just stressed about it!
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You can definitely apply to as many colleges as you want, but when you have to accept your place by varies significantly between them. I think that you can accept multiple places - my sister's friend held her place at two local colleges until about July time I think, not sure if she chose one them because there was some deadline or she had made up her mind...
It would make sense to keep multiple offers though if your grades are borderline - for example near me there is one college who pretty much takes anyone, and another which requires certain GCSE grades for each of your chosen A level subjects (although there were reasonably flexible on that...) - so by accepting places at two colleges you have an 'insurance' choice incase your grades aren't as good as you had hoped.
Best thing to do is to phone them and ask

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