Hey guys I am really stuck :( Watch

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Hey guys I am studying Electronics in University and it's my first year and I am really stuck on some questions, it will be very nice if someone could shed some light on this.

Operations with Functions

#1. 8.5(-t+14) * cos(14 pi t)

#2. rect[ (t-6) / 4 ] + e-t+3 * u(t-3.5)

#3 |-t+10| + 2rect[ (t+10) / 4 ]

#4 (3t-9) * rect(t-8)

#5 e-|t| * sin(50 pi t)

Really stuck on how to draw them could someone explain or post a picture or something

Thanks =-D
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You haven't said what level of mathematics you have been taught so I'll just assume you know A Level maths.

You want to sketch these functions right so considers:

1) Where it intercepts the axis (x=0, y=0)
2) Any points of discontinuity (something is undefined such as dividing by 0)
3) Turning points (derivative of function is zero)
4) Are these turning points maxima or minima
5) Look at the limits of the function to see what happens for really large or small negative/positive numbers.

I'm not sure exactly what the aim is here but I imagine it would be useful for you to use a computer to sketch the functions. Programs such as autograph are very good, but I'm not sure what software your university has.

Hope that helped somewhat PM me if you need further help.

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