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    Hey all, I would really appreciate your help in any of this:

    I've just started my masters at a university different to that of my undergraduate. Now I've met some lovely people here and I do actually enjoy their company however the problem is I don't drink or like bars or clubs. I also hate sleepovers at other peoples houses. I just want to spend time with them, have fun and then come home and enjoy the evening to myself (very boring I do know but genuinely don't find that sort of stuff fun) and also because I was attacked once during the night it also gives me high anxiety. However the problem is my new friends keep wanting to "sleep over" or have "girlie nights in" or go to bars but if I point out I live far away then they (very kindly and I am grateful) offer to let me spend the night at theirs.

    I just don't want to come across as really boring but I don't know how to say I'm not keen on nights out or sleep overs without sounding really .. party poopery

    Anyone else the same as me or can offer any help/insight?

    Thank you

    I think that if they are truly good friends, they will understand. People are different, and some will like partying while others would rather enjoy a good book in the evening.

    I understand about the drinking and bars/clubs bit. I kind of feel the same when it comes to that because I would choose a book over a party any day.

    Maybe as you gradually become better friends and get to know each other, or maybe you will find others who will enjoy the same things as you do. It's just about find the right circle of friends, really.

    For example, my friends go to parties often and they will always invite me, but most of the time I would politely decline and say I already have other things to do. And then sometimes, I would genuinely just tell them that I'm not a party kind of girl. But we still get along really well because we have other things in common such as the things we watch, read and so on.

    Just because you don't like partying doesn't mean you're a "party pooper," and you're definitely not boring because you don't enjoy it. I guess... we're just different. That's all I can say, I'm afraid.

    Hope all goes well

    Your situation sucks a little. It's like going into a group of girls that like Made in Chelsea and then you declare that you don't like it.
    Either you let go and just have fun with them or you'll just have to keep saying "No thanks guys". Not much choice really.
    I mean you can tell them the truth and if they are good enough friends, they'll understand. If they aren't could be a bit awkward.
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