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Hi guys,

I'm a student at uni currently studying Politics as a 1st year undergrad. I'm not enjoying my course..But I love the uni, but sadly, not so much the course. I feel quite dull and lifeless in it, until I do loads of reading, and then some interest comes into it, but naturally, I don't believe I'm really into it.

But, I've always had an interest in the sciences. In my school, I never did very well in science. I basically don't know a thing about biology, chem, or physics, and I failed them at shamed as I am about that fact. - I was more your English, and humanities girl (succeed in that department!)

So, now, I'm considering taking up a biology foundation degree next year. I want to embark upon something that'll interest me, and something that will be new to me so hopefully i'll really be into it...but with that being said...IT WILL BE NEW TO ME. Is that too much of a risk, even for a a degree with a foundation year? I really am thinking about it. But is it too risky? Where do foundation degrees start off from sort of...similar to A level/GCSE? -

Thanks. Your advice and guidance would be appreciated!
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Why don't you get some of the AS levels textbooks in Biology and do some reading, to see how much it interests you - and how hard you feel it is? A good overall one is the Nelson Thornes AQA AS textbook. A-level Biology involves study of cells, cell structure, DNA, biotechnology, neurones, muscles, heart and ecology - I imagine a foundation degree will be based on a similar structure.

Others on this website who are taking a foundation degree might also be able to help you with recommended books.

You will need to know and surpass GCSE biology knowledge for a foundation degree - at GCSE you are just scratching the surface, at A-level and foundation, you go into a lot more detail about internal cellular processes.

Good luck!

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