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'Assess the view that the nuclear family functions to benefit all its members and society as a whole'
I've been asked to write an essay on the question above. The first time i handed it in, it was too lower mark and i have to do it again. I missed the deadline, what i have is terrible, and i have been sent out of the lessons until i can do it right. I have missed two lessons now, and i am really stuck. Can anyone help me please?? :confused:


(This is AS level work, really frustrating :mad: )
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[This is a large, but not too difficult, essay that should fall into place if you clearly plan what's required.

Firstly, break the essay down into the areas you must cover, as per the question:

1. Evidence for the claim the nuclear family functions to benefit all its members?

2. Evidence against the claim the nuclear family functions to benefit all its members?

3. Evidence for the claim the nuclear family functions to benefit society?

4. Evidence against the claim the nuclear family functions to benefit society?

Secondly, for each area identify some key points and evidence you need to need to cover. For example:

1. Evidence for the claim the nuclear family functions to benefit all its members?
Think about what the family might do for individual members? You will have covered functionalist perspectives, so identify a few things they argue relating to individual family members.
e.g. you may have looked at Parsons and the stabilisation of adult relationships (this involves things like love, psychological and physical security.

2. Evidence against - obvious things to bring here are "dark side of the family stuff" (abuse, exploitation) as well as any Marxist / Feminist criticisms you've examined.

Do the same for points 3 and 4...

Thirdly, once you've identified all the things you're going to cover write each point up as a paragraph:

- What is the key idea of the paragraph? (e.g. stabilisation of adult personalities).
- Why is it important? i.e. how does it relate to the question.
- Where's the evidence? Here you need to look at evidence for and against this idea. In this instance evidence "for" would come from writers like Parsons, but you also need to include a criticism of this argument (e.g. are we really talking about equitable adult relationships or is "stabilisation" actually achieved by the male ability to exploit their partner?

If you follow this pattern you'll soon start to get the hang of putting together these types of essay. It takes time at first but if you persevere you'll soon be writing extended answers quickly and easily because you will have learned an "automatic structure" you can apply to any question.

Finally, add a final concluding paragraph - sum up the general arguments for and against and then explain which you find most convincing and why.
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In terms of exam writing - PEEEL.

Point (i.e. the nuclear family has many benefits), explain (explain your terms i.e. what a nuclear family is), evidence (i.e. a sociologists name or a case study), evaluation (both sides of the coin) and then link back to the question.

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