English Literature GCSE mock coming up... HELP!

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Hey guys, I have a request,

Next week I will be sitting a mock paper for English Literature, but I don't really know what I have to do for it (not blaming the teacher or anything, we only just started the topic properly a couple of weeks ago). Because of this, we are only sitting the paper for An Inspector Calls.

My questions are:
what will the paper be like (how many questions? How many marks each? etc.)
what will the questions be on (characters, themes etc.)
how do I get full marks in each question?
how do I ensure that I complete the paper in the time limit? (I tend to overwrite a lot)

I know I shouldn't be stressing out this much for a mock, but these grades are supposed to go to our sixth forms, and because I want to study literature at A level, I want to make sure that i will get a high grade

I'd appreciate responses ASAP!
Thanks in Advance :cool:
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This is according to the AQA English Literature spec I did last year.

1) The paper has two sections, one on each of the two texts you've studied. In your case, you'll only be doing section one if you're just doing Inspector Calls. In the real exam paper, you'll get a big paper with all the questions for all the texts and you have to find the questions for your text, but your teachers may just give you the relevant questions for your mock. You will have a choice of two essay questions to answer. You only answer ONE question. In the exam, you have 90 minutes total over the two sections, so assuming you split the time equally, you'll have 45 minutes for the question on Inspector Calls.

2) Generally, one question is about characters and one question is on themes, but it varies. It could be on anything really, but obviously the exam board will choose questions that there's a lot to write about. They're generally not too hard. Very common questions (apart from individual questions on characters) are on the main message of the inspector, about Priestley's aim in this book and about the generation gap. You definitely want to make sure you know the main themes very well, and analyse the Inspector's final speech to death because you can use it in practically any essay question. If you learn how to write 2-3 bloody amazing paragraphs on his final speech, you can be pretty certain that you've got half an essay sorted (but obviously revise everything else as well).

3) Really hard question. If you need more help, ask. But really, just look at the criteria for the top band in the mark scheme and PRACTICE.

4) Practice. That's the only answer.

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