How Hard Is It To Emigrate From The UK To A Better HDI/Lower Tax Country In The EU? Watch

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So having spent my entire life in the UK, I've been on enough holidays to know that it isn't the greatest place in the world, and the recent censorship, poor economic and political climate has made me reconsider whether the UK is really the best place for me to set down my roots and develop my career here. Problems I have in particular:

1.) GVT is being more and more right wing, more censorship of material, more "police-state" activity, more spying, less privacy, public sector pay dropping, effectively I see it as a power bubble where the richest are withdrawing into a safe zone and the wealth disparity is terrible.

2.) Politically, this could be just the tabloids bleating, but I sense there are a lot more cries of "send them all back", is quite worrying because although Britain is multicultural society and all that, its been so for maybe 40+ years and the intolerance is still so high, leading me to conclude that there will always be a significantly high baseline percentage of people who will be inherently racist; really not cool.

3.) Britain has a fairly low HDI compared to its EU counterparts over the ocean, and as costs are rising, I don't feel I'm getting my money's worth of HDI given the taxes/N.I, etc I pay to people who live on the dole who really just make this country worse.

So my question is:

Given I am prepared to learn new language, etc to emigrate to a EU country with either lower taxes or higher HDI, which is best? I have some friends from Switzerland who tell tales about the snowy capped mountains and the public transport that isn't stinky, crammed like a concentration camp or other unpleasant, but is better?
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Switzerland isn't in the EU

I think you are still free to go live there though.

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