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I've received offers from all of my choices to study biology but I'm not sure what to put as my insurance choice. I've been to Birmingham and I quite like it, but I'm not sure if I'll have an opportunity to visit Bristol before I have to make my decision. So, if you've seen both universities - or even just been to the cities, let me how they compare. I know Bristol is rated higher in the league tables, but I can't base my decision purely on that..... Can I?
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There are several factors which distinguishes Birmingham from a university such as Bristol. As you have correctly mentioned, Bristol has more prestige attached to its name. However, they are both associates of the Russell group of Universities, hence, their academic reputation are similar dependant on your preferred chosen course.

The University of Birmingham is a campus university. Thus, all facilities and services are self-contained, and you may be able to survive without ever leaving the campus. The student population will therefore be much larger as you enter the University campus site. Whereas, the Bristol site has been spread over several miles, and it therefore does not appear to be as student populated en masse.

The nightlife of both cities have been deemed to be outstanding, however, having been a resident in Birmingham, I would assert that this city has the edge when we consider factors such as the student experience. It is England's second city (with great shopping facilities such as the state-of-the-art shopping centre-Bullring), is rather multi-cultural and multi-racial, whereas Bristol does not have the same extent of multi-culturalism, which may be a factor to consider.
Bristol feels more like a town rather than an industrialised city. It has a reputation of being very artistic, with famous Barksy'art originating from here. It is however, very hilly!

Both Universities are fantastic, yet different. I would advise you to consider the structure and reputation of their course, and perhaps the unique opportunities that both offer.

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