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Hey guys,

So basically I'm at Newcastle Uni, thinking about what to do for accommodation next year. To be honest, I've a got a few really good friends here, but I'm not quite close enough to them to ask them to move in with me, plus they've already started looking at houses. Do you think I should live in next year? It's just that not many people seem to in the 2nd year, and I don't want people to think that I'm an outsider or anything :/
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You have good friends, and at this time of year not everyone will be very close to the people they sign for a house with. You will get to know them better as the year goes on, and if not then you will likely be living closer to other friends if you live out than if you live in college (particularly in the viaduct where most people live out). If you want to live with them then you need to ask them now, before they sign for a house. You will never know how it will go unless you ask, and a few months down the line you may regret not asking them. However, there is nothing wrong with living in and it means that you are more likely yo get to know other people living in college. But you do also need to consider the accommodation fees, which seem to be increasing by ridiculous amounts year on year in Durham colleges. It is usually significantly cheaper to live out (unless you get a really expensive house).
In the end though it is your decision, but I do believe that living out is a great experience, and I wouldn't worry about not feeling close enough to the people you sign with, because things may change by this time next year.

Source: 2nd year liver out Durham student

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