Conspiracy theories? Zeitigest: The Movie

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It's a movie discussing Jesus with his relation to the Zodiac, 9/11 attacks and the Banks.

It might be worth skipping to certain bits.
0-13-22 Part 1: The bit on Christ and the Bible

0-40-21 Part 2: 9/11 attacks/Bush administration

1-16-06 Part 3: The Banks/Economy

Personally, I found the the bit about Christ to be understandable and reasonable, that seemed to near enough add up. It talks about how the story of Jesus and his disciples, aligns with the sun, solar system, zodiac.

What do you think, is it propaganda? Or can some of it be truth?
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Well, the story of Jesus the messiah is the story of the solar god in ancient times, except he was merged with Jewish motifs from the Jewish Bible. The Jews were polytheists and not strict monotheists like we are led to believe. Moses and Jesus are paralleled in the gospels, but Moses is a type of Osiris in Egypt. In fact, the name Moses is proper Egyptian and means 'son of' thus Thutmose is 'son of, born of Thoth'. In Hebrew Moses means 'I have brought him out of water' which corresponds to the Egyptian Messeh, a crocodile. The crocodile was the solar god in Egypt, the god Sebek. Jesus is a type of the god Horus the only begotten son of Osiris, a type of the solar god. The story of the babe Jesus has many parallels with the stories of virgin births particularly traditional in Egypt and Israel, the birth of Adonis and the birth of Horus of Khemmis.

The pagan stories circulated the Greco-Roman world before, during and after the advent of Christianity. The oldest part of the Jesus story was that involving the coming of the messiah and John the baptist, one is the solar god, the other the lunar I.e. Anubis the water carrier (Aquarius) as John the baptist is the lunar god. John is the Greek for Oannes, and Oa is the god of the waters. In Egyptian John is An, after the scribe, the lunar ibis (John the divine pen man). The ibis is that of the written word or logos, Thoth. An is abraded from Anup, Anubis, hence Thoth-anubis. The dual-lunar. There was no virgin birth until Matthew inserted it using the motifs of the pagans. Marks gospel was written first as a Greek epic using the zodiacal framework of the lunar-solar and the Christians made additions to it. The Christians edited their books taking motifs from here and there in a process of syncretism. Jewish and pagan motifs were fused together with historical notices from things that were happening at the time, Herod, the destruction of the temple, the Davidic messiah, the Jewish revolt, etc.
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I personaly find most of those theories crazed rants of a paranoid fool, but I'll probably be eating those words if any are infact true,

that being said I think thinking too much into stuf like this is what makes people go nuts, just live in the now and worry about your own life rather than what someone you dont even know would have you believe.

Again, words may be eaten, but I very much doubt it at this point.

Also isnt that the one where they go onabout the world would be better without money? I dont think it would, people love power, crave it and if there was no government or money the biggest n strongest would always sieze power and take control, itd be like mad max or a fallout game lol, I think I like the current world a whole lot better.

but then maybe im just diluded and naieve, but id rather be that than waste my life worrying about somthing that may or may not be true,

no disrespect to anyone who believes them ofcourse, I would say feel free to convince me but I really cant be bothered, sorry,

All the best.
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I'm an atheist and I've studied the movie a little bit, at least in terms of the religious part - the idea that the bible copied from other religions has some merits *but* the idea that horus was the idea of jesus is not true at all, seeing a he didn't have a virgin birth, he wasn't the "sun god" but the "sky god", he didn't exactly rise from the dead neither did he get baptised like zeitgeist says. but that's not to say I don't agree with the message of that part of the movie - religion is idiotic, unoriginal and is here to control the weak. as for the 9/11 conspiracy theories, I don't believe those at all. those are all insane if I'm honest. I haven't watch the part about the banks very much, but that's what I'd comment in terms of what I have seen

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