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This year I am crashing Higher Human Biology. Despite having no previous knowledge of the subject, I do find it interesting. In class the work isn't so hard, I'm doing pretty well (37/40 in unit 1 nab), but the idea of learning the overwhelming amount of notes (I'm only on unit 2 and find theres' a ridiculous amount) is killing me. How possible is it to get an A? Realistically I want a B, but aiming for an A will help, can anyone give me tips on how to study for it? And ways to ensure I know all the notes inside out?
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It's different for everyone in terms of how to get all the notes learnt -- it depends on what kind of learner you are. I certainly had no clue of how to do this during A-levels etc. but learnt my proper way throughout university.

I like to have a large collection of written lecture/lesson notes. I'll read those notes, and condense them down repeatedly times in a shorter form. The first time I'll be looking at the original notes, the second time I'll try without looking but inevitably end up peeking, third or fourth time I'll be getting very good at reciting those notes. Once I've got that nailed down, I'll try and do the same again but in even shorter form. After that, once I think it's all firmly in my memory, I try and write extended essays one each topic -- afterwards comparing what I've missed out.

It's not a short-term method of revising, you need a few weeks at least but it really helps me. I'm sure if you had even longer you could easily improve on this method!

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