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This depends on how much you have to remember.
Entire poems? Or just quotes and writing techniques?

If it's the first choice then I think you need to ask your teacher for both clarification on that this is what's required and for help on how to do it.
If it's the second choice then I don't know where to begin because there are so many memory improvement strategies!

The 'method of loci' strategy can prove difficult to understand but effective in practice. It basically involves you introducing new information into something old that you have stored in your long term memory.
For example, you could imagine you are walking to school, you know the route surely and do it five days a week. Just add in whatever it is you need to remember like an author, a phrase/quote or a theme into it.
Like, you were walking down the road and seen Shakespeare at the end, he walked up to you and referenced something, then you carried on but seen an object like a book that represents something else sitting in the bus stop?

Hope this helps, if not let me know. : )

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