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RAF Logistics Supplier

Hi everyone ,
this is my first post and i have PRTC in 1 week at Halton . I am fully committed towards the trade of Supplier , also i am colourblind meaning i could either pick only Supply or Admin , I don't want to be fully office based and I like the sounds of Supply after researching the trade . The reason I am writing today is to get people's experience and thoughts on the trade , I have read many threads from techies opting their opinions on "Stackers" being useless and a trade that is boring and unenjoyable . Being that these are not Stackers I would love a person from the Supply trade to express their opinion on the trade. Also I heard that you have to pick 3 base bases that yould like to do to your first tour on phase 2 , any good bases to get good solid XP?
Many Thanks,
Ben (mrflintovski)

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Ben I'm going for supplier! (Currently injured so can't be declared medically fit until January 30th :frown: )

It's actually quite nice to hear from another supplier as you don't seem to get many on here.

Too answer your question, there is a way to avoid doing office work. Being colourblind my self, I was also limited to
The jobs I could do. My uncle and dad have both been suppliers for 25 years and my dad thoroughly enjoys his job.

So as you know, SCAF is mainly office and admin work, accounting for all the parts etc.

R and D is pretty hands on, dealing with the stuff that's coming in and out off RAF stations.

But if you want something really out in the field, you can do a stint on the tactical supply wing or TSW which is basically remote, portable helicopter refuelling stations in forward operating bases etc. When your not on operations your always out practising and doing expeds..... They are based at RAF stafford and it's a really hands on, in the field job!

Hope that answers some off your questions!

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And good bases to start at would be the bigger ones as there is more too do soo;


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Thanks Rhys

I live close to Waddington and Conningsby so they would be ideal. I was originally applying for Aerospace but i found out i was colourblind , thats life for you . Its nice to hear positive things about the trade for once as all the opinions i find are techies slagging the trade off . Unlucky about your injury , there aren't many of us about as my AFCO said that the trade does not sell itself very well , might be good for us in the long run as they might be more JNCO roles become available , who knows. Preferably I like to work at R&D , SCAF or SCMF as long as i don't go to a clothing store . TSW and the mobility supply flight sound very interesting but im sure there is a long list of applications for both sections.
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You'd be very surprised! SAC's are in quite short supply because of the disruption to home life etc that is caused by having a nomadic lifestyle so I shouldn't be too hard to get into!

And that's real cool man as I live just down the road in Boston and my dad is actually working with the river joint (new plane) at waddington ordering parts etc!

Yeah I orginally had a PRTC date of 17th dec, with a start date off the 6th of jan but got injured playing football! :frown:

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And as for the techies they may slate the trade, but without 'stackers' the wouldn't have a job because they can't fix aircraft with nothing.....

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Yeh I have my prtc on the 17th , I come from Nottingham so I'm an hours drive from Waddinton or Conigsby .
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Ah right :smile: when's your basic?

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I'm not 100% sure but I think it was 16th march or 12th march
All Trades put other Trades down. It is the law of the Armed Forces. Techies will always put Suppliers down because they see it as a lower skill.

It's different. Supply is good because of the range of jobs - although with you being colourblind I'd be surprised if you were allowed to work on an airfield or in Petroleum, Oils and Lubricants Flight. I know of people in the past who couldn't do that because of red-green colourblindness.

Nothing in the Forces will fly without all of the Trades working. Spares need moving and accounting for etc. Supply means you have real skills if you decide a full career isn't for you - logistics is a huge part of life and people don't understand it.
Get used to the banter - it is constant. But it is a good trade with more variation and potential than most Trades. Don't worry about getting on a 'big' base - you will go where you are needed and they can cope with training you - so it will be a fairly big base (not many smaller ones left). I personally think that Brize is too big as a base and the atmosphere and teamwork on smaller bases is better. Not to worry as you can move every couple of years, so get on with it!
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Thanks prostacker for the info , I heard that cp3 makes you safe to drive on an airfield . Looking forward to joining the team , I have seen a few stacker videos on YouTube that was pretty funny , nice to see you guys have a good sense of humour :smile:
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12th march there is an intake mate.. Did you find they rushed you through everything a 100mphs? I was told that suppliers where no1 priority so they are getting them through as fast as they can get them through the door

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I'm don't know if I can send you a word file mate by my dad typed up a paragraph or two about every Job within supply so I could send you that (some how) it gives you an idea of what every job is about!

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Yet , they didn't even hesitate , I was waiting months at a time with my aerospace application However with supply it only took a few weeks from a specialist interview to prtc.
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That would be great , if it ain't too much trouble . if you want I could pm you my email and you could attach that word document , by the sounds of it we are both in RTS and phase 2 together :smile:
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Yeah man! Ill pm you tommorow (after 6) as I'm at work!

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TSW would be a good bet or one of the larger bases such as Brize.
TSW would be unlikely for someone colourblind, but that depends on the type of colourblindness. Also highly unlikely for a 1st tour.
I've said it before and I'll say it again - Brize should not be the be-all and end-all for a choice of posting. Yes it's big. Yes, it's busy. Yes, they suffer any manpower shortages and anything else just the same as any other Unit. However, Supply (Logistics, use the current word) is only a small part of Brize Norton. A lot of the aircraft support work there isn't even done by Logistics in the same way it is on other aircraft. Smaller bases are often more fun and there is more chance to do different things as well as even gain more responsibility quicker. Don't worry about postings and make the most of whatever you end up with. If you don't, you'll be miserable for years.
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I'm under the impression that You can be in TSW with colourblindness... What my father said anyway! There isn't an awful lot of information available for TSW online! Best bet is to find out for your AFCO

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It depends on what type of colourblindness you have - like I said. There are different types and some are OK.