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engineering at Coventry

Hi everybody,
I am thinking of studying mechanical or automotive engineering at Coventry.
Is Coventry uni any good for that? cheers :smile:
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Engineering is one of those courses where it's hard to go wrong wherever you go (provided the university is accredited, and Coventry is, and that the facilities are right for you).

I do mechanical engineering but have a few friends on the automotive course. Most of our modules are shared so we go to lectures together. There is only really one major module which is different between the two degrees. Along the way you get to pick some different types of projects, so you can focus on a broader area or narrow it down to more automotive topics. For instance, my first report was on the ideal material choice for jet engine turbine blades, but I could've done alloy wheels for cars or things like that.

It's difficult to say if a university is better than others (most people only go to one university, so unless they've done 3 years at two of them, it's hard to compare), but I do like the structure Coventry offers. The different modules mesh together well. I might learn something bridge structures in one module, perform a lab on it and then be asked to create a bridge in a different subject. So it's quite easy to draw on the skills you need throughout the course.

The equipment is pretty decent and a lot of new CNC has just been installed in the past couple of months. The building you'll be using is only a year old, so it's very modern compared to some universities. The staff are also very friendly and I've had no problems with any of them.

The facilities and support is also good. There is a maths support centre and a very good careers service. The university is one of the best for getting people into placements and graduate jobs, and they definitely help to promote their students and make that possible. We have great connections to industry and there are some companies who prefer to hire from us (and run early-bird placement interviews for us).

The deciding factor should be you going to the university and checking it out though. You need to make sure the university is going to work for you as you may have certain personal requirements. Make sure the accommodation is okay and that the city is where you'd want to live. Coventry as a place is a bit bland, but that's not an issue for everyone. After all, you'll be the person living there for 3, 4 or maybe 5 years depending on the course you take and if you do a placement year (which is highly advised).

Let me know if you have any specific questions, but I can only tell you what I know and what I've picked up on. You should be the deciding factor in it all.
Coventry University
Coventry University
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I have offers for Coventry and Loughborough for automotive (Meng ) just wondered what made you pick Coventry in the end? I can’t decide which to pick. I haven’t seen Coventry in person. Lobro course seemed amazing but I hated that it’s campus and near a town so I thought coventry being in a city would be better? Or is is a dull city? The website claims it’s an easy train ride to Birmingham but realistically do students do that or is it fun enough as is? Also heard Coventry is quite concrete based is this true? 😂 idk I need to pick between them and any further info on life at Coventry would be great.


I hope you're well. I completely understand where you are coming from as I know first hand that it is really hard to decide between universities as it's such a big decision.
Coventry University is ranked at a whopping No. 7 for Mechanical Engineering, based on the Guardian 2022 and we are also accredited by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers for both Mechanical Engineering and Automotive Engineering (IMechE).
Not only that, but you will have the opportunity to study abroad / have a placement year, provided that you are coping academically after your first two years of study - which would be an excellent experience for yourself and would also great on potential job applications and your CV.

Engineering at Coventry University has had many financial investments over the past few years to ensure students really are getting the best experience. In terms of social life, as per your response above, Coventry is quite good, lots of bars and restaurants and Birmingham is round the corner if you want something more lively for a night out with your friends and is easy to reach from Coventry.

We have two open days in the new year on 21st January 2023 and 18th February 2023 - feel free to come along and check out the facilities and have a chance to ask any more questions. You can register via this link if you are interested:

As I do not study or work at Loughborough, I am unable to comment on their facilities / opportunities - however I am sure they have a page on TSR which you can ask a question on too!

Kind regards,
Jade :smile:

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