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1. If you do edexcel maths i need the following information:

As a rating out of ten what would you give the following papers in terms of level of difficulty:

June 2002 P1
June 2002 S1
Novemver P2
Jan 02 M1
June P3

If you are not happy at edexcel please state, the more ppl who make them selves known the better.

2. I need help with ocr physics esp mod 4 forces fields and energy. if you do this please say. Could improve both our grades
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OK I've got you links to the OCR Physics specification which you can search for the topics for all the modules and any formulae you will be expected to know.

The sample assessment materials and mark schemes are linked to from here, maybe they will help you:

I apologise if you have these already.

Can't comment on Maths, I'm with AQA.
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