Don't like to be awake in the day time either sleep or hidee

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Over the last few weeks I have been waking up at 10/11pm staying up till 1 to 4 pm. I have found this time at night very peaceful and it allows me to complete more work and complete lesuire activities i.e. work and play a game or watch some tv.

I still talk to my friends on the phone or vis social media. I'm usually depressed in November/December but by avoiding contact with my family (I live at home) I am really happy. I'm not neglecting my work (grant funding, job searching) I've gone into meetings etc and I am more productive then ever. There are no arguments between my family or any unwelcome advice that would distrurpt me or menial tasks that I would have to complete such as baby sitting.

I just want some alone time. Yet I'm constantly being bothered by my parents and they suspect I'm on drugs or something. I voluntary let them search my room to prove this is not the case and showed them my work. I don't receive finance support from them and offer money to them for bills etc.

I am considering switching back to my normal schedule which is to sit on my laptop to try and work but be constantly disturbed and accused of being mardy if I don't partake in a conversation.

(Of course I was always going to switch back after finishing my work. As I need to attend events across January, and the work I'm doing now is based on deliverables for January)

As a third party what would be your advice? I can go to a library but if I wanted a break this would be difficult I'd want to kick back watch a bit of tv play a game etc.

I just want to be left alone for a bit.
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I was nocturnal for few weeks last year and I was very productive. I spent my nights in the library though, so that contributed to my productiveness. I must say, the serenity of your environment at night, even when you go out for a short walk is refreshing. I enjoyed it, so I don't blame you from wanting to keep that routine.
One thing I would say is that if you already feel somewhat isolated, it just adds to it, so your relationships with friends may not improve. Fair enough you're talking to them online, but you lose the face-to-face interaction with them, which can be bit sad. There's Skype though! So that may be worth using

Is it difficult for you to adapt to the 'normal' day routine? I'd recommend changing your routine, so that you are up at 4/5am in the morning. This way, you've started your day when people are still asleep at home. Go to work. Then during the day when the house is busy, go to the library. Take your laptop with you if needed, so you can watch YouTube on it during breaks and by 8-9pm, just go to bed, so that you can be up really early again Hope this helps!

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