I don't know much about music, what is diff between bvb and "Emo pop", "pop punk"?

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I don't know much about music, though I wanted to ask what is the difference between Black Veil Brides, Emo pop and pop punk styles of music? I know all of them play guitars but is bvb leaning more towards metal whereas All Time Low, Fall Out Boy (especially early albums) and Good Charlotte are all leaning towards a more say pop or indie sound? Is it true that these different types of genres fans are in conflict with each other. Where fob, good Charlotte and all time low are seen as mainstream posers by some of the metal community. Also I heard bvb got an award at a metal award ceromany (I think it was called Golden Gods or something) and they apparently got booed because the metal fans attending the awards thought black veil brides had nothing to do with metal or something, s this the case?
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BVB are a glam metal band. That's a genre that fuses metal with pop to make it more melodic, catchy and accessible than harder metal music. Similarly FOB, ATL, and Good Charlotte are considered to be pop punk bands. That's a genre that fuses punk rock with pop to create a sound that is more melodic/ catchy. Some people who listen to metal or punk rock consider these bands to be 'posers' because they water down the supposed 'hardness' of the original genres by combining them with elements of pop music. Tbh I don't see anything wrong with glam metal or pop punk, they should be considered legitimate genres in their own right. After all, isn't music about expressing creativity through experimentation?

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