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I studied my first undergraduate in Australia, a BSc (Chem).

In Australia Law is a postgraduate degree (as in America), and so I had to do the undergraduate first to be able to do a Law there. I then decided to apply for England and got into Oxford, doing a BA in Laws.

I am a UK citizen, and my mother lives in the UK. However I will be living by myself in an apartment as I will be considerably older than others taking the degree and so want to avoid halls.

Will I be eligible for a tuition loan, maintenance grant or maintenance loan? Everything on the website indicates that I would get all that help in my situation, with the exception of the fact that it is my second undergraduate degree.

I was wondering whether because my first degree was not in the UK (or even EU), and the fact that I had to do that degree first in Australia, I would still be able to get student finance.

Many thanks, Sam

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