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Is anyone else as worried as much as I am about getting their exam results?

I've just sat my AS levels and i just know that i've done really bad in 3 of my subjects, but quite well in one of them.

I dont know whether to tell my parents that i think i have done badly, or to wait until my results come and let them see first hand.

All the people at my college walk around saying how easy the exams have been, but I just couldn't knuckle down to revise much at all.

My sister has just finished her first year at university and she messed up one of her exams , and I saw the way that my parents reacted towards her and I dont want this to happen to me!!!

I keep on thinking that im not going to get anywhere in life because I keep messing up at the last hurdle - especially with exams!!!!

Has anyone got any advice on what I can do to make myself fell better?

Much appreciated!!!

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I am going through exactly the same thing as you.

I have found that the best thing to do is to consider the worst case senario. In my case this would involve me getting "E"'s and "U"'s in all my subjects. Then you consider what you would do. Not what anyone else will do or think or say about / to you. Just set yourself a goal. In my case my goal is BBB grades in my full A-levels. I know that I won't be getting these grades at A/S but I know that if I work hard enough I will acheive them. Just keep telling yourself that even complete failure isn't the end of the world. You can resit and if you can get good grades in a resit it will feel all the more sweeter knowing what failure tastes like.

At the end of the day, its only an exam. Try and put things in perspective. Its just a little bit of paper with a letter on it. In the time before your exams don't sit alone in your room with radiohead in the backgound thinking what a mess you have made (thats not true). Go out with friends and have a good time. In my case im getting smashed in Manchester with my mates and desperately trying to get a girl (not gonna say who) to go out with me.

Good Luck and Get As Drunk As Possible !!!!

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If the results are'nt as great this year, put off applying to university if thats what you plan to do. I guess you are going to drop one of the subjects next year anyway, giving you more free periods a week and more time to do the work. The worl load will be easier and you will get higher marks next year in your A2 and in the A/S resits, I wouldn't worry at all

Most of my friends have decided to take a gap yera after A2 and are applying then instead of applying after they got their A/S level results, its no big deal
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Try not to worry too much about the results ok. Firstly, there's a chance that the exams which you found hard were ones which others found hard too. Secondly, you've got to realise that by next year, you will have a proper goal i.e. uni to aim for. You will know what grades you will need, and you will probably work a lot harder next year. In the first year, you get a chance to redeem yourself, so don't worry too much, cos there are always resits. You can probably take them in jan and june, depending on your school, and you can improve your marks that way, and chances are you might find the exams easier second time round.
Anyways hope everything does go well for yo.
Good luck and go celebrate the end of your exams.
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[color=red]I am in the same position man I was doin this exam and all my limbs fell off, quite embarrassing really.[color=red]
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