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Hey just wanted some confirmation from others so I know I'm doing it right..
Basically have a scenario as follows

1. Suppose that a group of researchers are interested in the idea that high fertility can enhance women’s mood, and thereby protect them from depression. Because a woman’s menstrual cycle phase is linked to her fertility, they conduct an observational study to test whether women’s menstrual cycle phase predicts their feelings of depression.

Participants reported the day of their menstrual cycle and filled out a questionnaire about depressive symptoms. Women who were on days 9-15 of their cycle were classified as being in a “high fertility” group, and those on days 19-25 were classified as “low fertility”

Scores in the high fertility group scores in the low fertility group
8.50 7.46
6.58 5.50
5.16 4.83
7.44 6.32
2.00 6 .82
4.61 5.27
3.90 6.85
5.79 5.01
4.38 3.98
6.31 5.75

For this scenario am I right in assuming an independent samples t-test is the appropriate statistical test?
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Hi there,

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