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Hi all

The schools I'm applying to for Computer Science are Bristol, Edinburgh, Bath, Southampton, Manchester.

The thing is they offer a MEng course too and I can't undersand if that's a good thing.
My understanding is BSc is the usual undergraduate, and MEng is a masters course integrated into the undergraduate degree.
Why isn't there MSc? It doesn't exist? Does it really matter what my degree is exactly called? Of course B and M matters but what about science or engineering?

And after all is going for the masters program a better choice?
Does it reduce my chances of getting accepted anyhow?
Can I do masters later in USA or does it restrict me? Or can I just proceed onto PhD?

Some also offer a year in industry so I'm very confused. I think Bath and Manchester have this. Do you know if the others do?

I can't contact any schools as they are in holidays.
If I send my UCAS now, can I change the course later by calling them or something? Wouldn't be a drastic change. Still computer science, just different type.

Also if I go with BSc now can I upgrade to MEng, or if I go with MEng now can I deduct it to BSc, once I'm there?

I know I asked so many questions, sorry, hehe, answer as much as you can please!
Thanks and happy new year!
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An MEng degree allows you to specialise more than a BSc degree, this is self evident considering you get an extra year to take additional modules pertaining to your field of interest. At most institutions, the first two years of a BSc and MEng degree are identical, allowing you to transfer from one to another should you change your mind (although it seems like transfer from MEng to BSc is easier than vice versa, especially if you require a visa to study in the UK). Another point to keep in mind is entry standards for MEng are somewhat tougher than BSc, but this shouldn't freak you out too much.

In Edinburgh's case, there's no option for an undergraduate MEng, but they do offer a BEng degree, which is intended for students from countries where computer science is regarded as an engineering discipline rather than a science. Say if you're from one of those countries, the BEng would be more respected than BSc, but in the UK and even the US there is virtually no difference as the course content is exactly the same between the two.

Double check all of your university choices' websites one by one to confirm there's no difference in terms of course content between the BSc and MEng, but you'll most likely find that the only difference is spending an extra year to do masters and getting a more "respected" degree.

Doing an MEng would not restrict your future studies in any way, in fact it would give you more options. Many top computer science schools in the UK offer a limited amount of postgraduate masters courses, as they expect students to go through the undergraduate masters route. If your intend to stay in the academia till obtaining a PhD, then an MEng would be a smart choice. Edinburgh is a whole different story though, as their standard course length is 4 years, although I'm not sure if it allows you to proceed onto PhD without a postgraduate masters degree. And yes, you can start postgraduate masters in USA after completing your undergraduate BSc, BEng or MEng course.

Bath and Manchester do offer an industrial year, unlike the other three as far as I know. Does this make much difference to your job prospects? The short answer is no. You can gain the same kind of work experience by summer internships and such, although you won't be earning the same amount of money. It's certainly beneficial to spend a year working in industry, but you're fine without it as long as you spend your summer holidays productively.

Changing anything on your UCAS after sending your application, other than your home address and telephone number, is a tedious process. Try and avoid it as much as you can.

TL;DR: BSc is slightly easier to get in; MEng is more respected and rigorous; you are free to do masters in the US after an MEng; you can transfer from MEng to BSc; only Bath and Manchester offer an industrial year; it does not matter what your degree is called if you're staying in the UK, but do opt for BEng/MEng if you want to guarantee that your degree will be accredited wherever you go afterwards; don't count on being able to change your UCAS application and try your best to make right choices in the first place.

Good luck and Happy New Year!

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