Career dilemma: Healthcare or Education?

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So I've completed my degree in business in 2013, got a job at a marketing company, hated it, big time. I couldnt stand sitting the whole day in front of a pc, having meetings etc.. I just didnt enjoy the whole office environment. In fact, by my 3rd year I knew that business wasnt for me anymore, but since I didnt have anything better to do at the time, I just continued. In the past, I've volunteered in a school and I loved it, the interaction with the students, the autonomy you have and the environment being a nurturing one I felt very comfortable in there. A far cry from the cut throat environment we find in business.
But the downsides of teaching is the low salary, the unclear progression route, and I'm a bit afraid of getting bored in this role in the long run. Cos its not exactly that challenging, and I like a job that keeps me excited.
Now about the potential healthcare career, well, I've always wanted to do something to help others (only realised that fully in my 3rd year at uni), and being a doctor, either paediatrician or work in obstetrics would do just that. I've worked for a while in a hospital environment and I just loved it. It's dynamic, you interact with many people, and again, the environment is one where caring for others is paramount. This matches with my caring nature, I like to ensure that those around me are well and sound. And, the salaries are good, although the working hours are very long, its worth it. The big downside though is another 4 years of studies, 2 years training, speciality training etc..

At the moment, I'm applying for jobs in schools as teaching assistant and healthcare assistant in hospitals. If I'm perfectly honest, I think I want to do teaching cos its so quick to train as a teacher. And since I'm not working at the moment, I have moments where I just stress out and think to myself, lets just apply for teaching to at least do something. I just called a local uni that does PGCEs to ask if they still had places, they were affirmative. Yet, I was hoping for them to say their places were all filled up. Its funny how I think I want to do teaching, and when the door is open for that, I just stand there without crossing through. I think I'm just panicking cos I'm at a standstill right now, but yeah, teaching isnt for me after all. Two main reasons: seems like theres very little career progression, not mentally challenging and low salaries...oops thats three.

I would have applied last year for medical school for entry in 2014, but since I made my mind up in late october, it was too late to do the UKCAT. So by applying in 2014, I would effectively be starting medical school in 2015, which seems so far away! Well, I think I've just answered my own question here, but I suppose it'd be nice to have some inputs, anything..thats if you read that
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By the sounds, you'd enjoy healthcare more. Perhaps while you wait for 2015, you could work in a nursing home or something? Just a thought Good luck with whatever you do, anyway

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