Do you think it would be useful to have a European Leaving Certificate ?

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I wouldn't replace national qualification systems. Instead, someone who takes A-Levels in England could in addition to A-Level exams also sit the ELC exams. Someone who does the Bac in France could sit the ELC exams in addition to Bac exams. Someone who does the Matura in Switzerland or the Abitur in Germany could sit the same ELC exams. And so on. So there wouldn't be ELC-specific teaching (unless schools want to offer this), but the exams would be open to anyone studying for a Level 3 qualification in the EU. People holding this leaving certificate could then apply to any university in any country of the EU where the language they have taken (see below) is spoken.

European Leaving Certificate
Compulsory subjects:
- Mathematics
- One European Language (examined at C1 standard to enable university access)
- One Science
- European History, Politics and Economics (a broad / holistic approach)

The exams will be difficult / demand high standards, and because people are only prepared by their national qualifications, so for example by A-Level teaching, they may do better or worse in some subjects than pupils from a different country who are prepared in a different way because their national qualifications are different. I don't see this as a problem, though, because people who want to take the qualification would be aware of this problem and would probably be prepared to do some independent study.

What do you think?
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You can already apply to any university in the EU, so long as you speak the language, and all you need is A Levels, so I can't see the advantage really.

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