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Looking for an example of a CKD diet as the Internet does not bare much fruit in terms of an accurate keto diet! And a lot of websites try to charge!

I have done my research! I was 12 stone 6 and stand at 5.8! I'm not obese and do a lot of weight training! But I'm also training for the RAF! I am have a good cardio system can do my 1.5 mile in under 10 minutes ( through a lot of training -.-) , and I know you can maintain running whilst on the diet although I'm not gonna go out and run a 10k! Just the simple 3 mile run 3 times per week! By my question is when comes to the card overload stage, would I be able to time my 1.5 mile time after taking in the carbs or would that deplete my glycogen stores too much for the rest of the week?

Also anybody who has tried this, what where the side effects? I know that lack of energy and motivation are rife during the early stages but when your body adapts to the Low carb intake they actually report spikes in energy!

As I side note, I want to loss weight quickly without lossing muscle like you would taking the Atkins diet, but because I am training for the RAF I only want to take this for 1 month or so, as my fitness test could be anytime ( injured and awaiting the all clear for my medical) would this time frame be enough to see notable improvements?

Thanks for taking the time to read! And I'm sorry for lack of knowledge but I suppose that s what the website is here for

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