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I know I fulfil the eligibility criteria for PARTNERS at Newcastle University. I am looking to apply to Politics with Sociology which does not have any subject specific requirements. I am studying towards A levels in History, Government and Politics and Applied Business studies as well as undertaking the Extended Project Qualification. This, therefore means that I am not taking two traditional, academic subjects- the reason for me not taking them are simple, and that is that we chose our A level subjects with predicted GCSE grades, and I was predicted to achieve extremely significantly less well than what I did- 7 of their predictions were a grade or more lower than achieved. I was going to change to Geography when I got my results, but time table restrictions did not allow this, and my aptitude for the other traditional subjects was and still is not high enough, in my view- although not statistically (according to GCSE results).

Anyway, my question is, even though I'm eligible for PARTNERS supported progression, do I still need to have A levels in two academic, traditional subjects- a requirement we all know is almost universal amongst Russell Group universities?

Thank you.
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