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I love my girlfriend but have a crush on my teacher

Ive had this problem for a while now. Ive been in a relationship with my girlfriend for almost 9 months and its awesome. But for a few months ive struggled with this crush on my pe teacher. If you saw her you'd know why I like her so much. Obviously I know nothing could ever happen espcially while im under 18 and still with my girlfriend but somehow my brain will not let me stop thinking about her. It's starting to confuse me a lot.
Please help :confused:

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Nothing can ever happen between you and your teacher. Put it out of your mind and get on with your life.
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People have crushes all the time, you can fancy an entire country worth of people if you have the energy to. The key point as that you DO NOT ACT UPON IT.

That's it, that's all there is to it. Teacher/student relationships aren't usually well taken if you read the news, and if they're underage.. well, I doubt anything really needs to be said, it's obvious.

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Just think of your PE teacher whilst you're doing whatever it is you do with your girlfriend. Two birds. One stone.
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Your teacher would get in massive amounts of trouble if anything happened, so give up on that.

You might want to consider your commitment to your relationship if you're having strong feelings for someone else, don't lead your girlfriend on.
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I can't tell my friends cause they will laugh, I love a member of the staff.
when you're banging your girlfriend just shout your teachers name to inject extra passion into sex. Your girlfriend will then wonder why you've shouted her name and just say you forgot homework or something.

Then realise that you'll never ever be with your teacher so your dreams will come to a stop.
I had a crush on this banging blonde teacher. I think attractive people should be banned from interacting with under-18s :biggrin:
A crush is a crush. Doesn't mean you need to act on it or anything can happen. Most people have had a crush on a teacher before. If you love your girlfriend then that is what matters.


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There's nothing anyone here can really do. Whenever she comes into your head just think about your gf. Realistically, you probably don't have a chance anyway. From what you've written she sounds really good looking so she probably gets a lot of attention..why would she wait around for a school boy :tongue: But on the bright side you have a gf so just channel all your energy towards her :wink:
Simple- **** you're girlfriend- **** on you're teacher
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This is absolutely disgusting and sinful.
Original post by Eboracum
I can't tell my friends cause they will laugh, I love a member of the staff.

That's what I go to school for, you can't say I'm crazy, I know that she doesn't crave him :wink:
In all seriousness, everyone has had a crush on a teacher or member of staff at some point. Its an unrealistic fantasy, and that's exactly what it is. Unfortunately, this is never likely to happen, as someone alluded to, if as you say, she is irresistible, then she's unlikely to wait around for a schoolboy.
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Original post by One Man Band
That's what I go to school for, you can't say I'm crazy, I know that she doesn't crave him :wink:

I fight my way to front of class, to get the best view of her....?

We all fancied a teacher at some point. I was madly in love with my Religious Studies teacher at one point. Always did my homework for her and to a high standard!
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Thanks guys :smile: this really helped
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FYI if you date the teacher you'll get your girl pregnant, smoke a spliff and die
Most people have a crush on a teacher at some point, the reality is that nothing will ever happen. Just concentrate on your girlfriend and you'll get over it eventually!