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I have a mock exam for chemistry on units c1 c 2 c3
I really struggle with exams and I find chemistry really hard, any revision tips at would help me plz?
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I'm guessing your doing AQA like me if not, these tips still count.

First, I would suggest you go through the whole textbook, bit by bit and make short, easy to understand notes. This may take a while but then you would have gotten all the key information out of the textbook. As you make notes, you'll probably find yourself understanding the content more because you go over it in detail.

For each section, make sure you do the summary questions because they are honestly so helpful. It would also be helpful to do the exam-style questions at the end of each chapter.

Once you are confident in the content, you should do past papers for C1,C2 and C3 and mark them properly. Then go over your answered past papers and make sure you understand the reason behind the questions you got wrong.

Good luck c:

I also find chemistry quite hard but all you really need to do is just sit down and get your head around all the content and then put it to use in past papers. This really helped me last year when I did my C1 exam.

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