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i am currently in my first year of studying business in six form however i am finding it hard to understand and know what to write. At the moment i am on task 6 which is:

You can choose the following business situation:
• One business that operates in Britain and another country that has a difference economic environment (Tesco in Britain and Tesco in India)

You need to describe the following aspects [what are they?] and say how they may affect the business.
 Recession & economic growth, including the ripple effect
 Levels of Inflation
 Availability & cost of credit
 Labour
 Importance of GDP
 Demand and supply [inclusive of elastic & inelastic demand, price sensitivity etc.]
 Changes in government policy in relation to business
 Consider the recent Budget and how that may affect your chosen business
 Global interaction

but i have no idea what i am meant to write, i am alright with writing what the definitions for everything are but to say how it will affect the business is where i get stuck. could anyone give any help if they have previously done this task or any useful website i could use?

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