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Hi I'm Jess!

I'm in my second year of sixth form studying:
  • Law (WJEC)
  • French (WJEC)
  • Psychology (OCR)

I have 5 offers from universities for law with French. For the university I really want to go to, I need ABB. I'm on track to get A/B in law and French. As for psychology... I got an E at AS when I was predicted a B (though my teacher really thought I'd get an A!) It was a bit of a shock because I came out the exam feeling quite good about psychology. I had revised for it more than my other exams I feel!

My sixth form wouldn't normally let anyone continue with psychology at A2 having even achieved a D at AS, but they made an exception with me because myself and the head of psychology know I have the potential to achieve at least a B.

So now I am sitting ALL my psychology exams, AS and A2, THIS SUMMER. :lolwut: That's on top of my exams for law and French!

I am so scared of coming out the exam feeling good about it like I did last time and then getting my results and seeing an E again! There is no way I'm going to get into the university I want to with such a result!

  • Revised enough
  • Attended all my lessons
  • Genuinely listened, not easily distracted
  • Did all my homework
  • Did past papers
  • Did well in my other subjects
  • Have an excellent attiude towards work, as recognised by teachers

SO WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?! Did anyone else have a similar shock in the summer because two of my friends got a U, one of the best people in my psychology class got a D, I heard psychology was the second worst performed in subject across the country?

I have had my papers back and on core studies there is plenty where I've got 3/4 and I don't see why I have lost the extra mark or stuff that a psychology text book says is right I have got no marks for. I am going to partly blame my revision book I think though the one I used was an exam board certified one, recommended by the school. What does everyone else use?

Has anyone got any advice or had a similar experience? I'm trying to find a psychology tutor in the area (haven't found one as yet though). It is so important, I'm so stressed! :goodnight:
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Hi there,

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