BTEC does not prepare you well for university

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I am speaking as a 3rd year Business student at a pretty good university. I realised quite early in school that I wasn't good at exams but I had the ability and the creativity to extensively research a topic and then write a good analysis on it. One of my teachers noticed this and advised me to study a BTEC instead as it would suit my skills better, so I did.

I achieved the maximum possible grade that I could from my course, but as soon as the first university exam came up I realised how unprepared I was. I had no exam technique which most students develop during their A-Levels, I had no solid revision methods due to just doing coursework during my two years at college, and just generally could not write a decent exam paper to save my life. I did exceptionally well in all of my assignment-based assessments and in the end have managed to keep a good 2:1 average throughout my degree.

Now in my final year, I realise that I made a mistake doing that BTEC. I have somewhat adapted to the exam system and more or less perform above average, but I believe I could have very easily achieved a first class degree if I had done A-Levels and perfected my exam technique before university.

To people who have done a BTEC and are going to university, or people who are thinking of doing a BTEC, I think in the long-term (post higher education) it might be better than A-Levels. No employee is going to make you sit still and write a 2-hour paper, but there is every chance that you will be expected to write reports and analysis in your future job, and this is something which BTEC prepares you very well for.

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Think it is more to do with the person than the course, I did a BTEC in Forensic science just because it was more interested and have not struggled to adapt at all. Do you not think it is just because you didn't get on with exams in the first place ??

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