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We are from the U.S. and I am trying to assist my daughter, who is interested in studying business in London, find a reputable, well-regarded business program that offers an HND. She came up with this path because we are looking for a 2 year experience/program (one year study abroad option was too short for HER and a 3 year commitment too long for ME ). She has done her own research and is looking to obtain an HND in the UK with her plan being to return to the U.S. to obtain her Bachelor's Degree. She has completed one semester as a Freshman at a University here but is not satisfied with the school as well as having concern regarding the debt she will have accumulated if she stayed at this school. She is seeking a different experience where she can broaden her cultural view (she has a passion for anything British) but would also like a more accelerated career-oriented program than the one she was currently enrolled in. She was an 'A' student in high school, was very involved in sports, clubs and student gov't, and was accepted into the business school at a university in CT, where her GPA for the semester was 2.89. She was not the greatest standardized test taker (if I remember correctly, her SAT's were approx. 1700).

We are in the midst of researching the programs offered at The London School of Business and Finance and The London School of Business and Management. She is also looking into some of the universities that offer an HND (Kingston so far).

My question is regarding the validity of this degree and the transferability of the credits (particularly from a vocational type of school such as The London School of Business and Management). My understanding is that the HND is above the U.S. Associate's Degree but just below a Bachelor Degree. Does anyone know how this degree and/or the vocational type of business schools she is looking into are regarded in the U.S. (or even in the UK)?

Of course, any feedback of any kind would be VERY much appreciated!

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