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14 must see bedroom feng shui taboos, (with illustrations)

Unveiling Feng Shui Taboos for Bedroom, Do not Miss!

Under-mentioned listed are the taboo that you must take note and take care.

1. Bedroom door facing the toilet door

If you have this type of arrangement, it will cause illness mainly on bones and muscles and also loss of wealth. Toilet is a place with moisture, stinky and bad smell, so if you will absorb the negative energy.

2. Bed facing the room door

It will cause health problem to different parts of your body depending on the door facing.
a. Door facing head It will cause headache and migraine
b. Door facing stomach It will cause gastric and stomach problems
c. Door facing legs It will cause problem relating to your lower body

3. Toilet door facing your bed

This situation is worse than scenario 1 (room door facing toilet door).It will cause serious headache and make you lost concentration when thinking. If this problem is not resolved is not resolved for a long time, it might cause cancer. It might also lead other types of illness, so it is better to change your bed arrangement as fast as possible.

4. Mirror facing the bed

This situation will cause you to be in a trance and cannot concentrate your thinking right. See illustration for the places that is suitable to put mirror if really necessary. Try not to put any mirrors in bedroom if possible.

5. Beam above your bed

With beam overhead, it give you a feeling of pressure above you and it might cause insomnia, lack of sleep and headache.
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6. Bed facing wall knives

It might cause dizziness, headache and undetectable illness symptoms.
Solution: In case of a protruding wall corner, or a piece of furniture that cannot be moved, try working with fabric to soften the sharp energy and implement the rounding of a sharp corner. Although it is not cheap, but if you plan to stay long in the house, it is something worth considering.

7. Bed below staircase

With this poor placement of the bed, it will cause the person sleeping to have nightmare and bad luck.
Solution: It is not possible to move your stairs so you can just move your bed to a better location.

8. Head facing wall behind toilet bowl

It will cause long period of headache, ideological confusion and your mind cannot concentrate.
Solution: Move the bed to a better location but also take note to apply the bed feng shui tips too.

9. Head behind the wall that partition your room and altar

Only the temple fair and Psychic can sleep in this way, so for us, it is recommended to avoid.
Solution: Move either your bed or adjust the altar position
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10. Headboard does not have solid backing support

Some people like to slant their bed to create a romantic atmosphere or adjusting the bed to move away from beam overhead, but always remember that bedboard must have solid wall supporting as a backing. If not , it will affect the quality of sleep.

11. Placing TV, Sound System and handphone in front of your bed

Bedroom is a place to rest and re-enegerize yourself for the next day and if you put TV in your room, you tends to watch it for 1 or 2 hours till you feel sleepy. This will deprive your hours of sleep and affect your next day energy. If this prolong, it will affect your health and career too. Mobile phone tends to give off radiation even in stand by mode so it is not advisable to place it beside you while sleeping.

12. Air-con directly above your bed

If the air con is directly above you, the cold air will blow straight towards your body and especially when you are sleeping, your pores will be slightly opened so it can easily cause sickness like cold, muscle rigidity and headache.

13. Position of bed is above or below the stove or toilet

If your bed is above or below the stove, it can affect your liver function as it increase the fire element and toilet is a place of filth, so it will cause health issue.

14. Fanciful decoration on the Bedroom ceiling

It is always best to keep the ceiling above your head as simple as possible (Nothing is the best). In the recent years, people like to decorate their ceiling with mirror or some art pieces and this will cause difficulties in sleeping and in long term, it will cause health issue.
Hope these tips will help you in renovating your bedroom in good Feng Shui way.
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Let's hope that you didn't waste too much time on this.
What a... nice... thread :h:
So by following all these guidelines... am I supposed to have anything apart from a bed (with a solid backboard obviously) in my bedroom? And make sure I don't have an en-suite.
Am I supposed to sleep on the floor then otherwise I'm screwed
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Original post by GnomeMage
6. Bed facing wall knives

I'd better get that sorted before bedtime!

Guess I should have them on the wall behind my head for easy access...
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Original post by Hal.E.Lujah
What a... nice... thread :h:

thank you

sorry for the ultra big font

fixed it
Rubbish. Take number seven for example: Harry Potter slept under stairs for years and grew into a fine wizard.

Remember this in future.
Original post by GnomeMage
thank you

sorry for the ultra big font

fixed it

Looks really nice and neat now, I actually learnt something from a chat thread :lolwut:

Thanks for sharing, surprisingly my room is feng shui and I'm definitely telling anyone I bring back to it that it was deliberate in my best hipster impersonation.
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Original post by Quady
I'd better get that sorted before bedtime!

Guess I should have them on the wall behind my head for easy access...

I think it's a bad translation.

I got so bored at uni once that I tried to work out whether it was possible to "optimise" my room with regard to feng shui. The answer was no, but in response to the "wall knives"...

What it's referring to is something called "poison arrows". The notion is that you shouldn't have any sharp corners (e.g. of furniture) "pointing" at you at a 45 degree angle, especially in your bed or as you sit at your desk etc.

Some of the feng shui concepts made a little bit of sense back in the day (e.g. your desk should face the door, otherwise you're prone to attack from "backstabbers"), but I've yet to understand what harm the "poison arrows" cause.
well what the **** am i supposed to do now? i bet typing this message will cause me some joint issues.
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Another tip for a good nights sleep...the girl in picture number 2 is sleeping on her bed the wrong way around, this may lead to legs hanging out of the side and cold feet. Try to position your head on the pillows.
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If my bed wasn't facing the door in any way I just wouldn't have a bed.
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So where can you place your bed :tongue:?
Original post by GnomeMage

Solution: It is not possible to move your stairs

Ah! I knew it!
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I love number 11, all the others are mystical and spiritual but 11 which basically comes down to not having a TV near your bed so you don't stay up all night watching it.
brb, moving my altar.
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Original post by Potally_Tissed
brb, moving my altar.

Something something something "alter placement". Something something something pun intended. :p:

You should probably ask about where your elephant should go too. :erm:

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