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Has anyone got any tips for the English language a level exam
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Part A

Use headings for each framework to ensure there's a coherent structure.
Be concise.
Plan for ten minute. Analyse texts and choose appropriate frameworks.
Make an observation, provide evidence from text, address the context of production AND reception. Briefly praise or criticise the effectiveness.
Make about 2 points for frameworks - look at 4/5 of them. A paragraph each should suffice.
If you running out of time towards the end you can bullet point of briefly note key things you were going to write - the examiner will appreciate the fact you know your stuff even if you've struggled with time management.
Don't be lazy - Frameworks like graphology and semantics will secure marks but examiners will be more impressed with grammar/syntax!

Part B

If you are confident with dealing with written/spoken texts, know which question you will opt for before the exam. I recommend language and power - least theorists but plenty of features to write about.

Remember - you know the questions so practice as much as you can and you'll know exactly what to write/be able to plan and write everything in the time period. Memorise as much/use the appropriate terminology as much as possible.
The coursework is also relatively easy and worth 40% of AS so smashing this will enhance your grade.

Good luck. Hope this helps. I was apprehensive before the exam but looking back it was my easiest AS. Just don't throw away your notes like I did. The course is synoptic so AS knowledge is key in A2.

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