Can't decide on MSc Management or MSc Human Resources Management

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I have just finished my undergraduate BSc Psychology from a top-ranking university and am looking at doing a MSc that will increase my job prospects. I have been considering an MSc in Human Resources Management but outside of retail work, I have no real business experience, so I am not 100% sure that HR is the career I would like to pursue.

Say I took the more general MSc Management, do you think it would still increase my prospects in pursuing an HR career? Or if I began the MSc in Human Resources and wasn't enjoying it, do you think universities would be flexible in letting me swap? It's just difficult to decide what kind of business role you would like to do when you have little experience.
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Why HRM? What do you think interests you in an HRM career? Have you had any modules on work psychology? Have you checked HRM job adverts, what they're looking for / what these kind of roles involve. Universities are generally pretty good when it comes to describing the sought job role: - I'd say jobs in the area between £25k and £35k are what you could apply for with an MSc in HRM, sometimes you'd have to start lower, one of my undergrad colleagues did an MSc in HRM and she's now working as an HRM admin for Cambridge University - with an MSc I'd stay clear of any job role with "admin" in the title, at least till I exhausted pretty much everything else.

With regards to switching to another degree, some universities allow this in the very first week or two - at my MSc in Marketing, a couple of people switched to one labelled Business Strategy & Entrepreneurship. Though it all depends and I wouldn't count on that. Make sure HRM is really what you want and the programmes your applying for are worth your time and money.

Also, check out my answer in this thread:

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