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ive got my biology test for unit 1 and 2 at the end of this year in june ( as level ) and was wondering if you guys had any advice im doing the mocks and im scraping an A sometimes 3ish marks more
Im going to start unit 2 now and wondered if it was much harder or even easier i wanted to know how you guys would recommend revising for unit 2
ALSO biology has always been my weakest subject very closely followed by physics ive finished unit 1 physcis and im getting strong B's in the mocks close to A's

Mechanics looks amazingly hard i am doing mechanics in maths as well and ive just done 1 chapter of mechaincs in physics ( moments ) and was wondering if anyone had advice for mechanics in physics as its really hard for me thanks alot .

Revision notes , sources guide , habits all that good stuff will be greatly appreciated thanks
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Well I was exactly the same last year. Mechanics in physics is not easy for some people (I was one of them). I would recommend not focusing on past papers all of the time, because I found that just reading the book over and over gets better results.
My friends and I both found the second modules of biology and physics easier, if you out the effort in. I managed to get a B in the second module of physics and my friend got an A.
Mechanics in maths does help in physics to some extent but just keep doing as many mechanics question as possible. I used to find moments the most difficult so my teacher loaned me a book (Advanced Physics for You, Nelson Thornes). Try some different exam board questions, anything to stretch the areas you struggle with is good.
The mechanics module is by no means easy. Biology isn't either so I wish you the best if luck!

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