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hi i need some help i am doing an essay on is francis cassavnt a hero from the book hero by cormier can you please do pee paragraphs this is what i have done so far In the following piece of the novel 'Heroes' will be written by the means of thorough evaluation. Within this it is shown that there is no such thing as a real 'hero', because everyone has a weakness, Cormier uses Larry LaSalle and Francis Cassavant as a way to show this message. Francis is portrayed as having both heroic and cowardly personality traits; this forces the reader to consider what makes a real hero.
A hero is someone admired for their courage and nobility, a man in contrast to Francis Cassavant; through various forms we come to the understanding that Francis is not intentionally a hero. There are many references to Francis, not being a hero. Initially we are given the impression that Francis is a Hero, up until we realise that he is in fact a mockery to being a hero. He was awarded with a Silver Star award, which is a great achievement witch hero’s only would have. However, as is said by Francis, his intentions for jumping on the grenade which happened to save several peoples lives, was an attempt of suicide? ‘I went to war because I wanted to die.’ He went to war as suicide would be a sin as he is a catholic and also shameful as there are others sacrificing themselves for others in war. ‘Soldiers were dying with honour on battlefields, how could I die by leaping from a steeple?’
In addition, Arthur Rivier shares similar feelings towards war, explaining how they cannot be heroes as they were not, only scared boys, he talks of others calling them heroes. It is wrong for people to call them heroes, as they did not act like heroes; there was no glamour. ‘We weren’t heroes. We were only there.’ The idea that even Arthur, who wasn’t awarded a silver star realises that they weren’t heroes reinforces the idea of Francis not being a hero.
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