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For one, I am having to resit my AS Psychogly exams because I did terribly in them. Yes, I did revise for them. On top of that, I am struggling with writing style for my A2 Psychology, and the file for my English Lit coursework keeps getting corrupted so I end up losing chunks and have to redo it. The cherry on top of that is that I was, until 30 minutes ago, awake talking to a friend and asking for help on said coursework. Keep in mind that I have lessons 1 + 2 on a Monday morning as home study so I can sleep in or do some extra work. My dad comes in and starts yelling at me, reminding me how I only have two more terms and half a year till exams and university, and that I shouldn't still be awake and that me "playing games" (which I wasn't) is the reason my grades are slipping.

I'm sorry if it seems like I'm whining, but I am already constantly aware of and worrying about these things, and his shouting and automatic accusations don't help me in the slightest. Does anyone have any advice on how I could deal with this? I'm already doing what I can to try and stay on top of everything.

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You do AQA psychology? ,

These books, these books. Got 90+ on every exam because of these books.. Pretty much memorise the relevant material lol. This was 3 years ago though..

Also look at the mark schemes. The short answer questions are pretty straight forward - learn the material. Essay writing is just based on Describing and evaluating - again , learn your material :3

All the best though. And ignore your parents, I ignored my parents who kept rambling on that I was playing games, pissed me off but glad i moved out for University

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