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It has come to the point where I have to choose which university to firm... I need to decide between Bath and LSE (MMath Maths with study abroad at bath and Bsc Maths with economics at LSE) but I'm struggling to make my mind up...

I love the look of Bath, the course has more options and I get a year abroad. I also prefer the town and I think I would enjoy myself more there. However, I have the same offer from LSE which has a better reputation internationally, considering I want to move abroad this is quite important. I don't think I would have a bad time there, but LSE is known as being quite an antisocial university, also it would be much more difficult to study abroad and the course is less flexible.

My problem is that LSE would probably lead to a better career and it would be much easier to get a job abroad. Even though LSE and Bath are similar in the tables for Maths, LSE has a worldwide reputation.

So to sum it up, how important do you think the reputation of a Uni is? They are both great institutions but LSE is more likely to give a better job...
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If Bath offers a year abroad, surely this would improve you application quite a lot considering you would be gaining experience in a country that is different to your own? A lot of employers want experience now - a degree is NOT enough, and at least you get the opportunity to do that at Bath whilst studying. You also need to choose a uni which you will enjoy - if you don't you may lose motivation and this may impact your grade.

It's a difficult decision. However, I would mention that although a university with a better reputation internationally may help you get your foot in the door a bit more quicker, after you get your first proper job and experience, your future employers will look at this more than what university you graduated from.
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If this was my case, I would pick LSE 100%.
Be sure though, there will be a lot more workload at LSE I assume. I guess if you prefer little laid back with some unique experience rather than only focusing on your subject 24h/d with a lot better job connections at LSE, then Bath would be your choice.
League tables are little funky. they can be easily abused by multiples of different institutions chipping in some money to the telegraphs. That's why you want to look for the consistency in ranks over the 5+ years if rankings is your concern.
Job connections/Rep, tough work materials = LSE
experience/decent rep/decent work/town as you mentioned = bath

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