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I finished my A Levels at school, but did not get the qualifications that I wanted. When I left school I attended a college for one year, where I did the same A Levels (but only A2, not AS), however I did them on a different exam board. I intended to transfer my original AS grades over to the new exam board and use with the A2, but because of personal circumstances I didn't achieve what I had hoped for at the college, and so did not transfer my AS grades over.
This year I am repeating my A2s again, but on the original exam board that I did back in secondary school.
My question is: do I need to list the A2 modules that I did at the college on my UCAS form? Obviously they aren't full qualifications, so they don't really stand for anything.

Essentially it looks something like this:

Secondary School -
AS - Exam board 1
A2 - Exam board 1

College -
A2 - Exam board 2

This year -
A2 - Exam board 1

Do I list the A2 exams I did at college on exam board 2 on my UCAS form, even though they aren't going towards anything, so aren't full A Levels?

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