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how would you structure a thematic essay based on a certain novel?
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When structuring a thematic essay:

- Get a spare peice of paper, write all the quotes which link or support the theme your essay is about e.g loneliness

- For each quote, what has Steinbeck used? -descriptive language? Rhetorical question? Figurative language? Sophisticated vocab?
Degretory Language? ...

- embedd a specific word that expresses the theme ...e.g loneliness " they dont let me join in because im a *****" -( ***** is degretory language which emphasises racism, carelessness and due to race loneliness is explored)

- why has steinbeck used this device, develop ideas , is he using rhetorical questions to make the reader think, is he using reptition for recognition or emphasis? what is steinbeck doing? is he against racism or whatever the theme is, whats he trying to make the reader feel ? sympathetic? did he do this successfully? why?

- Id say also talk about structure of the novel, how its cyclical, loneliness is everlasting, each character loses some company tragically, no one reaches their dream, steinbeck forshadows this by candys dogs death , and by realising lennie killed the mouse in the beginning steinbeck forshadows lennies death, curleys wifes death ect....how does this link to the theme?

id say do MINIMUM - three paragraphs about devices used, each paragraph one device e.g repition and one quote from the novel ..... and two paragraphs about structure e.g one foreshadowing and the other cyclical pattern...

have fun ...I loved of mice and men got A* in my essay xxx

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