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I didn't know exactly where to post this so yh. Basically I want to work in the 3d business and work in large studios for films. But I've heard of the starting off pays being pretty bad and as far ask I know the highest paying jobs aren't very high ($100 000 is only £61 000 but I was hoping for about 70 000). Before that I wanted to be an investment banker which is currently my second choice.
In the end I thought maybe I could do both. I could start off as an investment banker and with a high salary and save most of the money off. I have no idea how long it would be till I quit but I'm guessing about 10 years. Then I thought I could move into the 3d animation business. I could do the job interviews in free time weekends, holidays etc. That way I won't quit the job and have no income.
Im only 13 (birthday this friday!!! yay!!!!!!) so i have plenty of time to change course or ideas etc
Doyou guys think this a good career path or not. Could you help me improve it?

PS I no if all i want is money, then 3d may not be the best choice but I really would like to do it. It looks so cool and interesting plus it would be amazing to see my name in the credits of a pixar or disney film (my end goal)
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You could earn a lot of money going down the art route and selling your work, creating your own movies or setting up your own animation or movie studio with like-minded individuals. There are many routes to success, you don't necessarily have to chase money, if you have a passion for something then money won't matter.

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